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[fm-news] Newsletter for Monday, March 31st 2008

From: The freshmeat daily newsletter (freshmeat-newslists.freshmeat.net)
Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 03:10:09 CDT

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::: R E L E A S E H E A D L I N E S (48) :::

[001] - Areca Backup 6.0.1
[002] - Asbru Web Content Management 6.7.1
[003] - benerator 0.5.0
[004] - bprom 0.3.1
[005] - clive 0.4.8
[006] - CorneliOS 0.8.3r31
[007] - Crate Game Engine 20080330
[008] - DIAP 0.3.2 alpha
[009] - Distributed Access Control System 1.4.21
[010] - DokuWiki rc2008-03-31 (Release Candidates)
[011] - EDFbrowser 1.03
[012] - FladsClassifieds 080331
[013] - GeoServer Latest 1.7.0-alpha1
[014] - Hilbert II 0.03.09
[015] - Hover 0.6.6
[016] - HylaFAX 5.2.3
[017] - IMDBPHP 0.9.4
[018] - IT++ 4.0.4 (Stable)
[019] - JOpt.SDK 2.2.0
[020] - Legion of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography API 1.39
[021] - LingNUX 130
[022] - Linux Test Project 20080331
[023] - mpq-tools 0.4.0
[024] - Mupen64Plus 1.3
[025] - NS2Html 0.4.4-2
[026] - OBM 2.1.8
[027] - OCILIB 2.3.0
[028] - Open RObot COntrol Software 1.4.1
[029] - OpenMeetings 0.5 Final
[030] - pdf2djvu 0.4.6
[031] - picurl 0.0.2
[032] - PowerDNS Recursor 3.1.5
[033] - QTads 1.7
[034] - schily 2008-03-28
[035] - shipyard 0.01
[036] - Spartns 1.1.0
[037] - SqlBuilder (OpenHMS) 2.0.0
[038] - Steev's HTML Parser 0.9
[039] - Support Incident Tracker 3.33
[040] - Talend Open Studio 2.3.2
[041] - TCExam 5.3.000
[042] - Teamwork 3.2.4 build 3206
[043] - The Open Service Availability Framework 1.0.5
[044] - Tickets 2.6.A
[045] - TrafficObjects 1.0.6
[046] - Usermin For Webmail 1.340
[047] - xine xine-lib
[048] - XJIG 0.2

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::: R E L E A S E D E T A I L S :::

[001] - Areca Backup 6.0.1
  by Olivier PETRUCCI (http://freshmeat.net/users/aventin/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:21

System :: Archiving :: Backup

About: Areca is a file backup system that supports data compression (zip /
zip64 format) and encryption, incremental backups, FTP file transfer, a
file history explorer, and many other features. It includes a transaction
mechanism, which guarantees the integrity of your backups. Two user
interfaces are available: a command-line interface (useful for backup
automation) and a graphical user interface (useful for backup

Changes: This release includes support for delta backups: Areca is now
able to store modified file parts instead of the whole file. It also
includes new translations (for Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, and
Swedish) and some minor bugfixes and enhancements.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/areca/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[002] - Asbru Web Content Management 6.7.1
  by Asbru Ltd (http://freshmeat.net/users/vejrum/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:54

Internet :: WWW/HTTP
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content

About: Asbru Web Content Management is an easy-to-use and inexpensive Web
content management system. It runs on most major Web platform operating
systems, databases, Web servers, and scripting languages. It is available
in three editions: Personal (for individuals), Professional (for
organizations), and Hosting (for Web hosting service providers).

Changes: This release adds CSS style sheet support to RSS channels. This
release also adds editable static server filenames for images and files in
the system's Media Library.

License: Other/Proprietary License with Source

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/asbru/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[003] - benerator 0.5.0
  by Volker Bergmann (http://freshmeat.net/users/vbergmann/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 13:10

Software Development :: Testing

About: benerator is a framework for creating realistic and valid
high-volume test data, used for testing (unit/integration/load) and
showcase setup. Metadata constraints are imported from systems and/or
configuration files. Data can imported from and exported to files and
systems, anonymized, or generated from scratch. Domain packages provide
reusable generators for creating domain-specific data such as names and
addresses, internationalizable in language and region. benerator is
strongly customizable with plugins and configuration options.

Changes: This release can generate XML files directly from XML schema
files. A custom generator configuration can be added in XML schema
annotations. The region concept has been abstracted to a dataset concept.
The core data model has been completely redesigned for supporting a type
definition concept. With improved QA, several bugs were found and fixed.
New generator classes and name packages have been added for India, Brazil,
Canada, Spain, Australia, Austria, Japan, Slovenia, and Israel.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/benerator/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[004] - bprom 0.3.1
  by Nils Eilers (http://freshmeat.net/users/nilseilers/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 15:25

Software Development :: Assemblers
Software Development :: Embedded Systems

About: bprom is a console application used to handle (E)EPROMs with the
µ-prom and µ-prom 2001 programmers by the German brand Dr. Böhm GmbH. The
µ-prom 2000 and µ-prom 3000 are still untested, but should work in 2001

Changes: This release brings µ-prom support. -p (select programmer model)
has been fixed.

License: GNU General Public License v2

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/bprom/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[005] - clive 0.4.8
  by legatvs (http://freshmeat.net/users/legatvs/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:52

Multimedia :: Video

About: clive is a cross-platform command line tool for user-uploaded video
hosts such as Youtube, Google Video, Dailymotion, Guba, and Metacafe. It
can be chained with 3rd party tools for subsequent video re-encoding and

Changes: This release adds fallback mode for youtube and metacafe, and
addresses some minor bugs.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/clive/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[006] - CorneliOS 0.8.3r31
  by Jos Kirps (http://freshmeat.net/users/joskirps/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 15:09

Information Management

About: CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser "Web Desktop
Environment", "Web Operating System", or "Web Office" that comes with a
set of cool applications. It includes a Content Management System (CMS) so
that you can easily set up and manage your own website as well as a
Database Management System that allows you to rapidly build any kind of
database application.

Changes: This release includes a working agile project management
application handler prototype, and offers many SQL handler improvements
and bugfixes.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/cornelios/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[007] - Crate Game Engine 20080330
  by Jason Turner (http://freshmeat.net/users/lefticus/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 09:09

Software Development :: Libraries

About: The Crate Game Engine is a game engine that is designed to make
creating games trivial. The rendering and scripting engines are removed
from the game engine to make the specialization of games as easy as
possible. Currently, scripting support is implemented to allow a Lua
script to be put directly in the game file, which can be validated as XML.
Multiplayer text based adventure-style games can be played with the
existing console rendering engine.

Changes: Preliminary Lua scripting support has been added.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/emtpycrate/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[008] - DIAP 0.3.2 alpha
  by D Brasher (http://freshmeat.net/users/db2/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:55

System :: Archiving :: Backup
System :: Archiving :: Mirroring
System :: Installation/Setup

About: DIAP is a set of Bash shell scripts to set up a system using three
backup nodes either between sites (e.g. between offices and homes) or over
WANs. The application provides a decentralized, self-contained and managed
storage utility. The emergence of a DVTL (Distributed Virtual Tape
Library) is the end result. Nodes can be dedicated to storage or used for
existing services over unused bandwidth. The scripts are a toolkit to help
users set up their own project, and to help the writer improve the system
and work in user space over SSH.

Changes: A timeout variable was added to rsync jobs. Source files are not
removed for the first month. When "tab_b.sh --remove-source-files deleted"
is executed, a full backup is ensured to remain on node A for recovery.
Minor changes were made.

License: GNU General Public License v3

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/distributedinternetarchiveprotocol/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[009] - Distributed Access Control System 1.4.21
  by bjb (http://freshmeat.net/users/brachman/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 09:12

Internet :: WWW/HTTP
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: HTTP Servers

About: DACS is a light-weight single sign-on and role-based access control
system providing flexible, modular authentication methods and powerful,
transparent rule-based authorization checking for Web services, CGI
programs, or virtually any program.

Changes: This release features some significant performance and
administrative improvements, including a new indexing mechanism for access
control rules to accelerate searches, re-introduction of the authorization
caching feature to optionally bypass authorization checking of requests
after they have been approved once, and a complete rewrite of the
dacs_admin Web service to provide a fully REST-ful, unified, and
comprehensive administrative Web-based console.

License: OSI Approved

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/dacs/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[010] - DokuWiki rc2008-03-31 (Release Candidates)
  by Andreas Gohr (http://freshmeat.net/users/agohr/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 12:52

Information Management :: Document Repositories
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content :: Wiki
Software Development :: Documentation

About: DokuWiki is a standards-compliant, simple-to-use Wiki mainly aimed
at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams,
workgroups, and small companies. It has a simple but powerful syntax which
makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki, and eases the
creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files, so
no database is needed

Changes: This release adds several frontend improvements like an AJAXified
index, a completely rewritten ACL manager, better RSS support, support for
diffs between arbitrary revisions, and much more. An XML-RPC interface was
added, and several improvements for plugin and template writers were made.
Security measurements against CSRF attacks were introduced, and several
minor bugs have been fixed.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/dokuwiki/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[011] - EDFbrowser 1.03
  by Teuniz (http://freshmeat.net/users/Teuniz/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:51

Scientific/Engineering :: Neuroscience

About: EDFbrowser is a multi-platform viewer for EEG, EMG, and ECG storage
files. It supports the EDF, EDF+, BDF, and Nihon Kohden file formats. It
supports montages, annotations, precise measurements by using crosshairs,
and a zoom function by drawing a rectangle with the mouse. It shows
signals from different files at the same time. It includes a built-in
EDF/EDF+/BDF to ASCII converter, a built-in Nihon Kohden to EDF+ converter
(including annotations), and a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF compatibility checker.
It is available for Linux and Windows.

Changes: Printing resolution was improved. An issue with printer margins
and fonts was solved thanks to the new printer framework in Qt 4.4.x. An
option to "print" to an EDF or BDF file was added. Now you can extract one
or more signals and write it to a new EDF file or you can combine signals
from several files into one new EDF file. Printing to a BDF file is
supported as well. An option for user-defined displaytime (pagetime) was
added. An option to jump to the end of a recording was added. The limit of
61440 bytes on the maximum data record block size for EDF+ files was

License: GNU General Public License v2

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/edfbrowser/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[012] - FladsClassifieds 080331
  by fldw (http://freshmeat.net/users/fldw/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:23

Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content

About: FladsClassifieds is a versatile application that allows you build a
classified advertisements Web site. The site owner can configure on a per
category basis whether advertisements are moderated or not, advertisement
expiration delay, advertisement fields labels, and extra fields specific
to a category.

Changes: This version includes user side form validation.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/fladsclassified/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[013] - GeoServer Latest 1.7.0-alpha1
  by Mike Pumphrey (http://freshmeat.net/users/mpumphrey/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 09:10

Database :: Database Engines/Servers
Internet :: WWW/HTTP
Multimedia :: Graphics

About: GeoServer connects your information to the Geospatial Web. With
GeoServer, you can publish and edit data using open standards. Your
information is made available in a large variety of formats as maps/images
or actual geospatial data. GeoServer's transactional capabilities offer
robust support for shared editing. It supports WFS-T and WMS open
protocols from the OGC to produce JPEG, PNG, SVG, KML/KMZ, GML, PDF,
Shapefiles, GeoRSS, JSON, and more. It is built on the GeoTools2 Java GIS

Changes: The major developments are Xlink support for WFS 1.1 and a full
implementation of WCS 1.1.1. This release is based on GeoTools 2.5.x.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/geoserver/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[014] - Hilbert II 0.03.09
  by m31 (http://freshmeat.net/users/m31/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 13:08


About: The goal of Hilbert II, which is in the tradition of Hilbert's
program, is the creation of a system that enables a working mathematician
to put theorems and proofs (in the formal language of predicate calculus)
into it. These proofs are automatically verified by a proof checker.
Because this system is not centrally administered and enables references
to any location on the Internet, a world wide mathematical knowledge base
could be built. It also contains information in "common mathematical

Changes: Now QEDEQ modules may be removed within the GUI, and all
dependent modules will change their state accordingly. Within the LaTeX
parts, the new command "\qref" is supported. It references to a Node from
the local or an imported QEDEQ module. UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 are now
correctly parsed, and error lines are translated accordingly. The
mathematical XML files have fewer errors and contain more (still informal,
but very close to formal) proofs. Under the hood, a lot of refactoring took

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/qedeq/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[015] - Hover 0.6.6
  by sv (http://freshmeat.net/users/svoelkel/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:29

Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content
Text Processing :: Markup :: HTML/XHTML

About: Hover is a WordPress plugin that replaces keywords with links and
an optional popup. It uses JavaScript and CSS to create valid XHTML code
and is based on mature JavaScript libraries like domTT and behaviour.js.

Changes: This release fixes a major problem regarding a possible namespace
clash with domTT's Hash object. Some of the more complex JavaScript files
out there also define a Hash object, which lead to hover not displaying

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/hover/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[016] - HylaFAX 5.2.3
  by Lee Howard (http://freshmeat.net/users/faxguy/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 04:26

Communications :: Fax

About: HylaFAX is a fax and paging system for Unix. It supports sending
facsimile, receiving facsimile, polled retrieval of facsimile, transparent
shared data use of the modem and sending alpha-numeric pages. The software
is structured around a client-server architecture. Fax modems may reside
on a single machine on a network and clients can submit outbound jobs from
any machine that can communicate with the machine on which the modems
reside. An access control mechanism is included to control which users on
which machines may access a server.

Changes: faxmail now supports ISO-8859-1 characters by default. Client
hfaxd connections no longer die sometimes. TimeOfDay consideration when
batching was fixed. A problem with va_list reuse when running clients in
verbose mode was fixed. Improvements were made to client FIFO cleanup.
bin/dictionary is now used in wedged emails. faxrcvd now uses sendmail -t
instead of placing the to-addresses on the command-line.

License: Freely Distributable

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/hylafax/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[017] - IMDBPHP 0.9.4
  by Izzy (http://freshmeat.net/users/izzysoft/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 04:20

Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content :: CGI Tools/Libraries
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Indexing/Search

About: ImdbPHP provides an API to the movie information stored at the
IMDB.COM sites. As this and the name suggests, it is primarily targeted at
PHP programmers who want to extend their programs or their site with this
movie information.

Changes: This is release candidate 1 (RC1) of the already well-known API.
The code cleanup hopefully removed all of the annoying PHP warnings and
notices. Some minor fixes (to taglines and akas) have been applied. The
movie search was improved and sped up. Moreover, the API reference was
made more descriptive.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/imdbphp/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[018] - IT++ 4.0.4 (Stable)
  by ediap (http://freshmeat.net/users/ediap/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:40

Scientific/Engineering :: Mathematics
Software Development :: Libraries

About: IT++ is a C++ library of mathematical, signal processing, speech
processing, and communications classes and functions. It is being
developed by researchers in these areas and is widely used by researchers,
both in the communications industry and universities. Since 2004, IT++ is
also being developed as a part of the European Network of Excellence in
Wireless Communications (NEWCOM).

Changes: This maintenance release fixes the following bugs: an incorrect
bits2symbols bitmap in Modulator<> base class, wrong size of the
LDPC_Code::decode() output bit vector, improper checks in elem_mult_out()
methods of Vec and Mat classes, hidden Fading_Generator::generate()
methods, wrong implementation of rint() under MSVC++, and a few others.

License: GNU General Public License v2

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/itpp/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[019] - JOpt.SDK 2.2.0
  by dnaevolutions (http://freshmeat.net/users/dnaevolutions/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 13:20

Office/Business :: Scheduling
Scientific/Engineering :: Geographical
Scientific/Engineering :: Mathematics

About: JOpt.SDK is an automated vehicle routing and dispatching component
for both Java/J2SE and .NET. It can solve Travelling Salesman Problems
(TSP) and Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
(CVRP,VRPTW). It offers route and transport optimisation with respect to
various constraints such as time windows, load capacities, and prescribed
itinerary. The component is based on genetic algorithms, and automatically
determines an optimized allocation of vehicels to an arbitrary set of

Changes: This release adds an API for carbon dioxide and energy efficiency
assessment and optimization.

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/joptsdk/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[020] - Legion of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography API 1.39
  by David Hook (http://freshmeat.net/users/davidhook/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 05:34

Security :: Cryptography
Software Development :: Libraries

About: The Legion of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography API provides a
lightweight cryptography API in Java, a provider for the JCE and JCA, a
clean-room implementation of the JCE 1.2.1, generators for Version 1 and
Version 3 X.509 certificates, generators for Version 2 X.509 attribute
certificates, PKCS12 support, and APIs for dealing with S/MIME, CMS, OCSP,
TSP, OpenPGP, and TLS. Versions are provided for the J2ME, and JDK 1.0-1.6.

Changes: This release adds certifications with user attributes for
OpenPGP, CMS countersignature support, and VMPC-MAC. Speed improvements
have been made to the ASN.1 package. The CertPath validator now covers a
wider range of NIST validation tests. An error in IV handling for SEED and
Camellia in CMS has been fixed. Other bug fixes and enhancements were made.
The signing certificate for the provider has been updated to one expiring
in 2013.

License: Freely Distributable

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/bouncycastlecryptoapi/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[021] - LingNUX 130
  by Vincent (http://freshmeat.net/users/vincent95/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 12:58

Database :: Front-Ends

About: LingNUX is a dictionary for French students of the Russian
language. Both languages can be easily entered without affecting the
AZERTY French keyboard settings at the system level. It reads dictionary
files with the DSL extension, which is one of the formats used by the
famous Russian dictionary "ABBYY Lingvo" under Windows.

Changes: Display bugfixes.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/lingnux/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[022] - Linux Test Project 20080331
  by Subrata Modak (http://freshmeat.net/users/subrata_modak/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:00

Software Development :: Quality Assurance
Software Development :: Testing

About: The Linux Test Project is a joint project with SGI, IBM, OSDL,
Bull, and Wipro Technologies with a goal to deliver test suites to the
open source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and
stability of Linux. The project consists of well over 2000 individual
testcases and a test driver to automate execution of the tests.

Changes: TI-RPC test cases were added. Continuing work was done for
concurrency safety and NFS fixes. Major enhancements and cleanups were
made to the LTP-RT tree. Major fixes were made to test cases behavior on
CELL for NFS issues.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/ltp/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[023] - mpq-tools 0.4.0
  by Maik Broemme (http://freshmeat.net/users/babyface/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:59

Software Development :: Libraries
System :: Archiving :: Compression
System :: Archiving :: Packaging

About: mpq-tools is a set of utilities for manipulating MPQ (MoPaQ)
archives, which are used by Blizzard in most of their games (e.g., Diablo,
Diablo 2, StarCraft, and WarCraft 3). It can extract, move, delete and
create archives. It comes with libmpq, which is a library for developers
to add MPQ handling to their applications.

Changes: This release significantly improves the stability and usability
of libmpq and mpq-tools. It adds support for 64-bit architectures and a
robust error handler which fixes many segmentation faults. A full API
documentation was added. This version supports single sector files and
stored files which are neither compressed nor imploded. All Blizzard
titles until "Warcraft 3 - The Frozen Throne" are now supported.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/mpq-tools/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[024] - Mupen64Plus 1.3
  by Richard42 (http://freshmeat.net/users/Richard42/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:55


About: Mupen64Plus is a plugin-based N64 emulator for Linux which is
capable of accurately playing many games. Included are four MIPS R4300 CPU
emulators, with dynamic recompilers for 32-bit x86 and 64-bit amd64
systems, and necessary plugins for audio, graphical rendering (RDP),
signal co-processor (RSP), and input. There are 3 OpenGL video plugins
included: glN64, RiceVideoLinux, and Glide64.

Changes: This is the first official release with the Mupen64Plus project
name. This project evolved from earlier work on a pair of projects called
Mupen64-amd64 and RiceVideoLinux.

License: GNU General Public License v2

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/mupen64plus/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[025] - NS2Html 0.4.4-2
  by rpacce (http://freshmeat.net/users/rpacce/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 12:57

System :: Networking :: Firewalls

About: NS2Html is a tool that converts configuration files extracted from
Netscreen devices into friendly HTML rulebases. It has an intuitive Tk GUI
for *nix and Windows. It has been tested on devices from the ns100 to the

Changes: This release corrects coding errors in the AddrCreator sub.
Redundant groups were not correctly processed. Secondary IP support and
Redundant groups of interfaces are now shown correctly.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/ns2html/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[026] - OBM 2.1.8
  by Pierre Baudracco (http://freshmeat.net/users/pierreb/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 15:14

Internet :: WWW/HTTP
Office/Business :: Groupware

About: OBM is a groupware, email, LDAP, Windows PDC, CRM, and project
management application. It is mainly used as an Exchange or Notes/Domino
groupware and mail server replacement, as an LDAP directory, as a Windows
PDC, as a contact and customer database, as a project management tool, or
as any combination of these functions. It provides groupware (calendars,
contacts, and tasks) connectors for Outlook, Thunderbird/Lightning, and
PDAs. It supports internationalization and themes. It is highly scalable,
and is used by sites from five to many thousands of users.

Changes: This release supports login change, with correct mailbox
handling. The icalendar import/export has been greatly enhanced. Some
calendar ergonomics improvements were made. Organizational charts can now
be exported in SVG (require PHP 5). Many fixes and enhancements were made
in the update, resource, and other modules.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/obm/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[027] - OCILIB 2.3.0
  by vicenzo (http://freshmeat.net/users/vicenzo/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 13:16

Database :: API
Software Development :: Libraries

About: OCILIB is a C library for accessing Oracle databases. It
encapsulates OCI (Oracle Call Interface), a low-level programming
interface provided by Oracle that is a powerful but complex API. OCILIB is
built on top of OCI, hiding its complexity and providing a simpler, more
readable, and more reusable API.

Changes: This release adds support for connection pooling. It adds support
for portable threads and mutexes. Lob support has been extended. There are
public interface modifications, miscellaneous other modifications, and
miscellaneous fixes.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/ocilib/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[028] - Open RObot COntrol Software 1.4.1
  by Peter Soetens (http://freshmeat.net/users/kaltan/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 12:48

Software Development :: Embedded Systems
Software Development :: Libraries :: Application Frameworks

About: The Open Robot Control Software (OROCOS) framework provides the
tools to build real-time software components in C++, designed for robot
and machine control. The Orocos Real-Time Toolkit provides an
infrastructure to quickly setup applications in a real-time operating
system such as RTAI and Xenomai, although it can be tested on normal Linux
systems. It is designed to appeal to roboticists.

Changes: This release includes fixes for undetected event transitions or
crashes in state machine scripts, reader-only port connections, the CORBA
method and command interface, and a lockup when using the SimulationThread
under Xenomai 2.4. The Orocos Component Library has been updated as well.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/orocos/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[029] - OpenMeetings 0.5 Final
  by sw (http://freshmeat.net/users/SebastianWagner/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:18

Communications :: Conferencing

About: OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video-conferencing
and collaboration system. It supports audio/video and allows you to see
the desktop of any participant. It includes a whiteboard, the ability to
import a variety of image formats, invitations, a moderation system,
backup and language modules, private and public conference rooms, and the
ability to record meetings.

Changes: A new layout and design is used. Meetings may be recorded. The
invitation system was updated. More configuration possibilites were added.
Translations were completed.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/openmeetings/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[030] - pdf2djvu 0.4.6
  by Jakub Wilk (http://freshmeat.net/users/ubanus/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:52

Multimedia :: Graphics

About: pdf2djvu creates DjVu files from PDF files. It's able to extract:
graphics, text layer, hyperlinks, document outline (bookmarks), and

Changes: The --fg-colors option was added (and is enabled if linked with
GraphicsMagick). It is now possible to build pdf2djvu on Cygwin.

License: GNU General Public License v2

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/pdf2djvu/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[031] - picurl 0.0.2
  by Thomas Perl (http://freshmeat.net/users/thp/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 04:31

Communications :: File Sharing
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Indexing/Search
Multimedia :: Graphics

About: Picurl is a client for uploading, downloading, querying, and
sorting files on remote stores, like HTTP directory listings, HTML pages,
FTP servers, or Flickr photo albums. The focus of this project is making
tagging and dealing with metadata as easy as possible.

Changes: Extended metadata functionality was added, and apart from the
source release, there is now also a Windows binary download available.
Stores and images can now be exported to RSS/OPML feeds.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/picurl/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[032] - PowerDNS Recursor 3.1.5
  by ahu (http://freshmeat.net/users/ahu2/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:02

Internet :: Name Service (DNS)

About: With a small codebase, the PowerDNS Recursor is an advanced
resolver currently serving the DNS resolving needs of over 40 million
Internet connections. Besides high performance (using kqueue or epoll,
over 50 thousand qps on commodity hardware), it provides advanced
anti-spoofing measures. In addition, the program caches server performance
and timeouts, making it both network and user friendly. It also has
built-in hooks for making graphs with rrdtool, providing insight into
nameserver performance.

Changes: Modest performance improvements of around 20% were made. This
version includes a cryptographically secure random generator, fixing a
security issue where PowerDNS could be spoofed. A number of smaller and
larger issues were fixed. Importantly, compatibility with recent gcc
versions was restored. The new IPv6 root-servers are now picked up
automatically. Finally, domains can now be forwarded to multiple IP
addresses and ports.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/pdns-recursor/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[033] - QTads 1.7
  by Nikos Chantziaras (http://freshmeat.net/users/realnc/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:43


About: QTads is a graphical, non-HTML interpreter for Tads games. Both
Tads 2 as well as Tads 3 games are supported. It uses Trolltech's Qt
library, which means it's highly portable. It has some nice features, like
fullscreen mode, text justification, margins, and font anti-aliasing. It
fully supports Unicode in Tads 3, ISO Latin character mapping files in
Tads 2, and the full set of Multimedia Tads character entities in both
Tads 2 and 3 (like "curly" quotes and typographical dashes).

Changes: Tads virtual machines were updated to 2.5.10/; 64-bit
platforms should now be fully supported. The number of turns the player
can undo in Tads 3 games has been increased. Now you can undo more than
100 turns. QTads is now able to parse the meta-information resource
embedded in a game. For this, a new menu entry has been added ("Game->Game
Information"). The interpreter will now correctly restore the window
coordinates and size of the previous session even when starting in
fullscreen mode. Other fixes were made.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/qtads/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[034] - schily 2008-03-28
  by Jörg Schilling (http://freshmeat.net/users/schily/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:17

Software Development :: Build Tools

About: The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg
Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs,
smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, devdump,
hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, mt, p, sccs, scgcheck,
scpio, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh, star, star_sym, suntar, gnutar,
tartest, termcap, and ved.

Changes: The sources of bsh and the Bourne Shell have been integrated into
the package. The Bourne Shell uses the commend line editor from bsh as an
extension. Several other bugfixes and enhancements were made in the other
programs from this bundle.

License: Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/schily/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[035] - shipyard 0.01
  by fdiesch (http://freshmeat.net/users/fdiesch/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 15:12

About: Shipyard is a module to process data in a format inspired by email
headers (RFC 2822). The goal of shipyard is to have a simple, human
readable, and human writable replacement for CSV that works better for
long data and many rows and doesn’t need difficult escaping rules for
special characters.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/shipyard/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[036] - Spartns 1.1.0
  by J. Pellegrini (http://freshmeat.net/users/pellegrini/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:24

Scientific/Engineering :: Mathematics
Software Development :: Libraries

About: Spartns is a sparse tensor representation library for Common Lisp.
Tensors are a generalization of vectors and matrices for any number of
dimension. Spartns is fast and flexible, allowing different dimensions to
be represented in different ways.

Changes: This release is much faster than the previous one. Some small
bugs were fixed.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/spartns/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[037] - SqlBuilder (OpenHMS) 2.0.0
  by jahlborn (http://freshmeat.net/users/jahlborn/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 13:08

Software Development
Software Development :: Libraries :: Java Libraries

About: SqlBuilder is a library that attempts to take the pain out of
generating SQL queries within Java programs. It wraps the SQL syntax
within very lightweight and easy to use Java objects that follow the
"builder" paradigm (similar to StringBuilder). This changes many common
SQL syntactical, runtime errors into Java compile-time errors.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/openhms-sqlbuilder/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[038] - Steev's HTML Parser 0.9
  by Steven Goodwin (http://freshmeat.net/users/steevatbluedust/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 09:12

Software Development :: Libraries
Text Processing
Text Processing :: Markup :: HTML/XHTML

About: Steev's HTML Parser is an HTML parsing library that builds a
complete hierarchy for each element and attribute in the supplied HTML
file. Each element is its own C++ class, replete with child nodes,
allowing for full control and processing. An 'HTML beautifier' example is

License: GNU General Public License v2

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/steevshtmlparser/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[039] - Support Incident Tracker 3.33
  by Ivan Lucas (http://freshmeat.net/users/ericthefish/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:45

About: Support Incident Tracker (or SiT!) is a Web-based application for
tracking technical support calls or emails. It can manage contacts, sites,
technical support contracts, and support incidents in one place. You can
send and receive email directly from SiT!, attaching files and recording
every communication in the incident log. SiT! is aware of Service Level
Agreements, and incidents are flagged if they stray outside of them.

Changes: This minor bugfix release corrects some issues found with the
previous release, adds a Chinese Traditional translation, and includes
updates to the Chinese Simplified translation.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/sitracker/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[040] - Talend Open Studio 2.3.2
  by Pierrick LE GALL (http://freshmeat.net/users/z0rglub_pierrick/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:37

Database :: Front-Ends
Software Development :: Code Generators

About: Talend Open Studio is an ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool.
Talend Open Studio can perform jobs that range from datawarehouse feeding
to database synchronization, as well as file format transformations. Its
graphical interface is made with Eclipse RCP, and data related scripts are
generated in Perl or Java. The application was designed to be extended with
components written by users.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/talend/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[041] - TCExam 5.3.000
  by Nicola Asuni (http://freshmeat.net/users/nicolaasuni/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 12:50

Education :: Testing

About: TCExam is Web-based assessment software for generating and managing
online tests and exams. It simplifies the exam cycle, including generation,
execution, evaluation, presentation, and archiving.

Changes: This version is released under the version 3 of the GNU General
Public License and includes new user registration module, RADIUS, and LDAP

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/tcexam/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[042] - Teamwork 3.2.4 build 3206
  by robicch (http://freshmeat.net/users/robicch/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:35

Adaptive Technologies
Information Management
Information Management :: Issue Tracking

About: Teamwork is a Web-based groupware for project management. It
supplies groupware, issue tracking, cost control, and document and project
management features with fine-grained security in a friendly interface.
Agile methodologies such SCRUM are supported. Teamwork is easy to
integrate with your IT infrastructure. Supports multiple databases (via
hibernate), browsers, and languages.

Changes: Several fixes and changes were made in filters by area. A bug
concerning introduction page background was fixed. A bug concerning
importing MPX for an empty file name was fixed. A bug concerning issue
types, gravity, cost aggregator, and cost center related to area filter
was fixed. Bugs concerning cloning an issue with time estimation were

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/teamwork/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[043] - The Open Service Availability Framework 1.0.5
  by Nicolas Thomas (http://freshmeat.net/users/thomnico/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:52

Software Development :: Libraries
System :: Clustering/Distributed Networks

About: The Open Service Availability Framework is a framework of services
based on the standard defined at http://saforum.org. It lets you turn your
application into highly available services. It includes an availability
management framework, a message service, a lock service, an event service,
a checkpoint service, and much more.

Changes: This is the first publicly available source code. All files were
updated to show the LGPL 2.1 license. A defect in SNMP support was fixed.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/opensaf/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[044] - Tickets 2.6.A
  by A. Shore (in more ways than one) (http://freshmeat.net/users/ashore/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 07:33

Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content
Office/Business :: Groupware

About: Tickets is a Web-based CAD system oriented to the needs of
volunteer groups or any other team with a budget problem and some in-house
technical skills. It provides an APRS interface, mapping via Google's Maps
API, run tracking and record-keeping, driving directions from responder to
incident, email notification, etc. It is a fork of the well-regarded
PHPTicket package.

Changes: A major upgrade was done in computer-assisted-dispatch
functionality and performance. A capability to track dispatched response
units with respect to incidents, driving directions, EMD Cards, KML file
integration, and more was added.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/ticketscad/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[045] - TrafficObjects 1.0.6
  by jomellgren (http://freshmeat.net/users/jomellgren/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:39

Scientific/Engineering :: Visualization

About: TrafficObjects periodically fetches data from remote databases and
files and enables users to graphically create realtime streaming charts
for monitoring and data mining. Plot data is fetched from databases such
as Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc., and data is fetched from text
files such as CSV, Tabular, and PostgreSQL Log files.

Changes: Support was added for Sybase as a RDBMS data source. Support for
DST (Daylight Saving Time) was added. It is now possible to use full
time-zone names in the data source table, for example,
"America/Los_Angeles" instead of "-8:00".

License: Freeware

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/trafficobjects/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[046] - Usermin For Webmail 1.340
  by Jamie Cameron (http://freshmeat.net/users/jcameron/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 12:49

Communications :: Email :: Email Clients (MUA)
Communications :: Email :: Post-Office :: IMAP

About: Usermin For Webmail is a modified version of the Usermin package
that is pre-configured for use as a Web-based email client. It is designed
to work on systems running a local IMAP server, such as Dovecot. By
default, users can read email, setup autoresponders and forwarding with
Procmail, filter mail with simple rules, change their passwords, and
manage folders.

Changes: Better detection of attachments in the mail list, spam deletion
by score, improved reply and print buttons, IMAP trash folder and deleted
mail fixes, a new Czech translation, XSS protection in popup windows, and
a more secure session database.

License: BSD License (original)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/usermin-webmail/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[047] - xine xine-lib
  by Moritz Barsnick (http://freshmeat.net/users/barsnick/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 06:37

Multimedia :: Video :: Display

About: xine is a free multimedia player. It plays back CDs, DVDs, and
VCDs. It also decodes multimedia files like AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP3 from
local disk drives, and displays multimedia streamed over the Internet. It
interprets many of the most common multimedia formats available--and some
of the most uncommon formats, too. All those features come in a reusable
library (xine-lib) which can easily be embedded in your applications.

Changes: Several integer overflows were fixed in FLV, Qt, Real, WC3Movie,
Matroska, and FILM demuxers. These overflows allowed remote attackers to
trigger heap overflows and possibly execute arbitrary code (reported in
CVE-2008-1482). Several other minor bugs were fixed.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/xine/

                        - % - % - % - % -

[048] - XJIG 0.2
  by C. Schramm (cplinux.de) (http://freshmeat.net/users/cplinux/)
  Mon, Mar 31st 2008 13:05

Information Management :: Records Management
Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Dynamic Content

About: XJIG is an image gallery based on HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and XML.
It does not use any server-side programming language. The images in the
gallery are administered by manipulating one or several XML index files.
The image gallery can be burned to a CD or DVD or placed on a Web server.
It has been tested with Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 5.0/5.5/6/7, and
Konqueror (from KDE 3.5 or later).

Changes: This release can group images instead of having one XML entry per
file. See the sample XML file. There are optimizations for IE7 (in the
Lightbox plugin).

License: GNU General Public License v3

URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/xjig/

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