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BIND10 1.1.0beta1 released

From: Jeremy C. Reed (jreedisc.org)
Date: Thu Apr 04 2013 - 17:31:10 CDT

Hash: SHA1

This is the first beta toward the upcoming 1.1.0 release of BIND
10. BIND 10 provides a C++ library for DNS (with python wrappers)
and several cooperating daemons for providing authoritative DNS
service (with in-memory and SQLite3 backends and DNSSEC support),
dynamic DNS, zone transfers, forwarding, and experimental recursive
name service. It also provides DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers and a
C++ library for DHCP. Supplementary components are included for
statistics collection and reporting and remote configuration and

The significant changes since the previous release include:

598. [func]* jinmei
        The separate "static" data source is now deprecated as it can be
        served in the more generic "MasterFiles" type of data source.
        This means existing configuration may not work after an update.
        If "config show data_sources/classes/CH[0]" on bindctl contains a
        "static" type of data source, you'll need to update it as follows:
> config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/type MasterFiles
> config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/params {"BIND": =>
          "<the value of current data_sources/classes/CH[0]/params>"}
> config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/cache-enable true
> config commit
        (Same for CH[1], CH[2], IN[0], etc, if applicable, although it
        should be very unlikely in practice. Also note: '=>' above
        indicates the next line is actually part of the command. Do
        not type in this "arrow").
        (Part of Trac #2833, git 0363b4187fe3c1a148ad424af39e12846610d2d7)

597. [func] tmark
        b10-dhcp6: Added unit tests for handling requests when no
        IPv6 subnets are configured/defined. Testing these conditions
        was overlooked during implementation of Trac #2719.
        (Trac #2721, git ce7f53b2de60e2411483b4aa31c714763a36da64)

596. [bug] jinmei
        Added special handling for the case where b10-auth receives a
        NOTIFY message, but zonemgr isn't running. Previously this was
        logged as a communications problem at the ERROR level, resulting
        in increasing noise when zonemgr is intentionally stopped. Other
        than the log level there is no change in externally visible
        (Trac #2562, git 119eed9938b17cbad3a74c823aa9eddb7cd337c2)

595. [bug] tomek
        All DHCP components now gracefully refuse to handle too short
        DUIDs and client-id.
        (Trac #2723, git a043d8ecda6aff57922fe98a33c7c3f6155d5d64)

594. [func] muks, pselkirk
        libdns++: the NSEC, DS, DLV, and AFSDB Rdata classes now use the
        generic lexer in constructors from text. This means that the name
        fields in such RRs in a zone file can now be non-absolute (the
        origin name in that context will be used), e.g., when loaded by
        (Trac #2386, git dc0f34afb1eccc574421a802557198e6cd2363fa)
        (Trac #2391, git 1450d8d486cba3bee8be46e8001d66898edd370c)

593. [func] jelte
        Address + port output and logs is now consistent according to our
        coding guidelines, e.g. <address>:<port> in the case of IPv4, and
        [<address>]:<port> in the case of IPv6, instead of <address>#<port>
        (Trac #1086, git bcefe1e95cdd61ee4a09b20522c3c56b315a1acc)

592. [bug] jinmei
        b10-auth and zonemgr now handle some uncommon NOTIFY messages more
        gracefully: auth immediately returns a NOTAUTH response if the
        server does not have authority for the zone (the behavior
        compatible with BIND 9) without bothering zonemgr; zonemgr now
        simply skips retransfer if the specified zone is not in its
        secondary zone list, instead of producing noisy error logs.
        (Trac #1938, git 89d7de8e2f809aef2184b450e7dee1bfec98ad14)

591. [func] vorner
        Ported the remaining tests from the old shell/perl based system to
        lettuce. Make target `systest' is now gone. Currently, the lettuce
        tests are in git only, not part of the release tarball.
        (Trac #2624, git df1c5d5232a2ab551cd98b77ae388ad568a683ad)

590. [bug] tmark
        Modified "include" statements in DHCP MySQL lease manager code to
        fix build problems if MySQL is installed in a non-standard location.
        (Trac #2825, git 4813e06cf4e0a9d9f453890557b639715e081eca)

589. [bug] jelte
        b10-cmdctl now automatically re-reads the user accounts file when
        it is updated.
        (Trac #2710, git 16e8be506f32de668699e6954f5de60ca9d14ddf)

588. [bug]* jreed
        b10-xfrout: Log message id XFROUT_QUERY_QUOTA_EXCCEEDED
        (git be41be890f1349ae4c870a887f7acd99ba1eaac5)

587. [bug] jelte
        When used from python, the dynamic datasource factory now
        explicitely loads the logging messages dictionary, so that correct
        logging messages does not depend on incidental earlier import
        statements. Also, the sqlite3-specific log messages have been moved
        from the general datasource library to the sqlite3 datasource
        (which also explicitely loads its messages).
        (Trac #2746, git 1c004d95a8b715500af448683e4a07e9b66ea926)

586. [func] marcin
        libdhcp++: Removed unnecesary calls to the function which
        validates option definitions used to create instances of options
        being decoded in the received packets. Eliminating these calls
        lowered the CPU utilization by the server by approximately 10%.
        Also, added the composite search indexes on the container used to
        store DHCP leases by Memfile backend. This resulted in the
        significant performance rise when using this backend to store
        (Trac #2701, git b96a30b26a045cfaa8ad579b0a8bf84f5ed4e73f)

585. [func] jinmei, muks
        The zone data loader now accepts RRs in any order during load.
        Before it used to reject adding non-consecutive RRsets. It
        expected records for a single owner name and its type to be
        grouped together. These restrictions are now removed. It now also
        suppresses any duplicate RRs in the zone file when loading them
        into memory.
        (Trac #2440, git 232307060189c47285121f696d4efb206f632432)
        (Trac #2441, git 0860ae366d73314446d4886a093f4e86e94863d4)

584. [bug] jinmei
        Fixed build failure with Boost 1.53 (and probably higher) in the
        internal utility library. Note that with -Werror it may still
        fail, but it's due to a Boost bug that is reportedly fixed in their
        development trunk. See https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/ticket/8080
        Until the fix is available in a released Boost version you may need
        to specify the --without-werror configure option to build BIND 10.
        (Trac #2764, git ca1da8aa5de24358d7d4e7e9a4625347457118cf)

583. [func]* jelte
        b10-cmdctl-usermgr has been updated and its options and arguments
        have changed; it now defaults to the same accounts file as
        b10-cmdctl defaults to. It can now be used to remove users from the
        accounts file as well, and it now accepts command-line arguments to
        specify the username and password to add or remove, in which case
        it will not prompt for them.
        Note that using a password on the command line is not recommended,
        as this can be viewed by other users.
        (Trac #2713, git 9925af3b3f4daa47ba8c2eb66f556b01ed6f0502)

582. [func] naokikambe
        New statistics items related unixdomain sockets added into Xfrout :
        open, openfail, close, bindfail, acceptfail, accept, senderr, and
        recverr. Their values can be obtained by invoking "Stats show Xfrout"
        via bindctl while Xfrout is running.
        (Trac #2225, git 6df60554683165adacc2d1c3d29aa42a0c9141a1)

581. [func]* y-aharen
        Added statistics items in b10-auth based on
        http://bind10.isc.org/wiki/StatisticsItems. Qtype counters are
        dropped as it requires further spec design discussion.
        (Trac #2154, Trac #2155,
                     git 61d7c3959eb991b22bc1c0ef8f4ecb96b65d9325)
        (Trac #2157, git e653adac032f871cbd66cd500c37407a56d14589)

(For the full commit history, please see the git logs.)

The bind10-1.1.0beta1 source may be downloaded from:


A PGP signature of the distribution is at


The signature was generated with the ISC code signing key which is
available at https://www.isc.org/about/openpgp

Installation details are documented in the BIND 10 Guide. In
addition, installation suggestions for various operating systems
are available via our wiki http://bind10.isc.org/wiki/InstallStartPage

This is a "beta" release and we would appreciate testers providing
feedback. If you have any questions or comments about working with
this release, you may post them to the BIND 10 Users List
https://lists.isc.org/mailman/listinfo/bind10-users, the BIND 10
DHCP Mailing List https://lists.isc.org/mailman/listinfo/bind10-dhcp,
or to the BIND 10 Jabber room. Bugs and feature requests may also
be submitted via the ticket tracking system at http://bind10.isc.org/wiki

Thanks again to those who contributed bug reports, code, and reviews.

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Release Engineering

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