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Bugtraq archives for 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) 1994: GN problem

GN problem

Tue, 8 Feb 94 09:07 -0600

Please do not panic, people... I did not mean to cause that.

GN is a WWW/GOPHER server daemon.

There is a hole with the GN server daemon that could lead to problems.
I have spoken with the author and he has fixed the hole in GN1.19 and
GN2.x ...  If you run a GN WWW/GOPHER server (and ONLY if you run a GN
WWW/GOPHER server, drop me a message.)

If you don't run one of these, then don't worry about it.  There IS a
possibility of problems, but as far as I can see, it's very very very
small compared to the latest sendmail hole.


ps: "latest sendmail hole" = the LAST publicized one, not a new one...

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