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Bugtraq archives for 2nd quarter (Apr-Jun) 1994: Re: AIX rlogind

Re: AIX rlogind

der Mouse (mousecollatz.mcrcim.mcgill.edu)
Mon, 23 May 1994 18:34:05 -0400

>> the reason some ports of shadow are `bad' and some aren't is
>> directly related to how the getopt(3) routine works on that os.  if
>> it allows "-froot" to mean the same as "-f root", then it's going to
>> be ``buggy''.
> i would have sworn that POSIX defines that as correct behaviour for
> getopt().

Then either (a) login shouldn't use getopt(), (b) all programs that
call login should check what they pass for sanity (effectively,
reimplement login's argument parsing themselves), or (c) an option
should be defined for login that says "the next argument is a username
regardless of what it looks like".

Personally, I prefer option (c), though if I were to write a login, it
would also take tack (a) because I never use getopt.

					der Mouse