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Bugtraq archives for 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 1994: Re: Time for moderation?

Re: Time for moderation?

Michael S. Hines (MSHINESfreh-02.adpc.purdue.edu)
10 Oct 94 11:15:09 EST

Geeze...one BIG mistake and Doug wants to shoot the offendor, the
messenger, and the medium in one fell swoop.

Deal with the offender....(I assume someone is?)...  and lets get on with

Most of the time, knee jerk reactions are not the best long term
solution... but I do agree with Doug that this is HIGHLY UNDESIREABLE..
and should be prosecuted to the limits of our laws.

>From:          "Douglas W. Goodall" <douggoodall.goodall.com>
>Date:          Fri, 7 Oct 1994 17:06:01 -0700
>To:            bugtraqcrimelab.com
>Subject:       Time for moderation?

>I am very unhappy :-( to be receiving anything that looks like
>credit card numbers, names, and expiration dates.
>If this is going to happen, I vote that bugtraq becomes a
>moderated list.
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