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Bugtraq archives for 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 1994: Cross-mailing is BAD, please be carefull....

Cross-mailing is BAD, please be carefull....

Eric Wedaa (ericwfx.com)
Mon, 10 Oct 94 09:38:56 PDT

PLEASE!  Do not send the same mail message to both firewalls 
and bugtraq using the SAME letter.  Send it twice, once to firewalls,
and then once to bugtraq.

I am (and I am sure others are) getting tired of seeing the same
flurry of messages coming to me twice.  It chews up bandwidth, and
disk space.

Please note, I am not saying post to only one OR the other.  I am
saying to post to one, THEN the other.  (If you really feel you 
have to.)

Flame off.