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Bugtraq archives for 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 1994: Re: Time for moderation?

Re: Time for moderation?

Derik Jarne x353-2490 (Derik.Jarneosi.com)
Mon, 10 Oct 94 14:10:58 PDT


 Unfortunately you were also a recepient on a reply-to-all


who made the following statement, in rebuttal about bugtraq becoming moderated.

> Excuse me? Tough noogies! There's been a lot of activity on bugtraq
> lately, but no one has been providing much commentary. Frankly, I'm
> rather disappointed in the response to me kern_exec stuff (No
> feedback!).
> bugtraq is about free dissemination of information.

How in the HELL does any of this (Credit card numbers)
pertain to HOLEs in Computer systems, And how the users exploted them.

ARE you saying that this is nothing but a collection location for anything
and everything.

> If you want something else, unsusbscribe and start your own list.
> --
> John Hawkinson
> jhawkpanix.com