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Bugtraq archives for 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 1994: full-disclosure list

full-disclosure list

Pete Hartman (pwhbradley.bradley.edu)
Fri, 2 Dec 94 10:05:10 -0600

Since I got my message back with no body, but one person so far has 
responded to the content of what I sent, I apologize if you're seeing 
this twice.  But I'm resending it for those who may not have seen it.

Even before Spaf suggested it, I was considering setting up a list for 
the discussion of the full-disclosure/non-full-disclosure thread 
that keeps coming up here.  Upon seeing his suggestion, I decided that
I'd go ahead and try to do it.

Here are the specs though.

Rather than simply saying Ok, send to me to subscribe, I'd like to gauge
the level and type of interest.  I don't want to create a list where
100 of one side gang up on 5 of the other.  I don't want to create a list
where everyone agrees and ends up preaching to the choir; that's pointless.
I do want to create a list where there's a fairly balanced discussion of
the pro's & con's of disclosure.  And maybe, someplace where we can set
up the type of experiment that would be convincing to all of us, to
resolve the issue (at least to the satisfaction of most).

So if you're interested, mail me, and indicate something of where you are
on the spectrum between non-disclosure and disclosure.

If you know someone who's not on bugtraq and might be interested, feel free
to forward this to them.  Especially if they're anti-disclosure; I assume
that membership in this list kind of skews the sample towards pro-disclosure
and I am honestly interested in balance.

I realize that my recent comments Re: Spaf may seem like I am likely to
not *really* be interested in balance to those who dislike the flaming
that's been going on, but I ask that you give me the opportunity to show