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Bugtraq archives for 2nd quarter (Apr-Jun) 1995: Re: password backdoors

Re: password backdoors

Thu, 11 May 95 23:36:13 +0200

> I have an old Apollo box running Domain 10.4.1 and lost the password for
> root, the only account. ... the HP service engineer said that I should have
> given him a ring as they have a way to get in ! ... Can anyone enlighten me
> further into how this would be done

Hmmm He was NOT boasting...
With physical access to an HP 9000 I can break root ok...
I dont think he can do it with a backdoor password...
Even If it could be possible..BUT THAT couldnt be widely known 
Only the person who put it there

Anywayz since I am the one who started sniffers' saga in our maillist
I suggest that the whole matter is covered...UP to here guys...
I guess there is no way to detect a sniffer without having the whole 
net upside down...