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Bugtraq archives for 2nd quarter (Apr-Jun) 1995: Re: From the moderator: READ Please

Re: From the moderator: READ Please

Greg Woods (woodsncar.ucar.edu)
Mon, 22 May 95 9:10:25 MDT

> 1) Some new releases of sendmail install the program as group kmem.
> I can't see any good reason for this

Most likely it is so that sendmail can determine the load average. It
has a feature that it will start queueing everything (rather than
delivering immediately) at one load threshhold, and another threshhold
at which it will begin refusing connections altogether. On some
systems, there is a system call to get the load average through the
kernel. On those where there is not, it is necessary to read /dev/kmem
to get this information.