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Bugtraq archives for 3rd quarter (Jul-Aug) 1995: Re: [8lgm]-Advisory-22.UNIX.syslog.2-Aug-1995

Re: [8lgm]-Advisory-22.UNIX.syslog.2-Aug-1995

System Administrator (rootiifeak.swan.ac.uk)
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 14:54:18 +0100

> > > As for vulnerability, I believe both FreeBSD and Linux have fixes
> > > available.
> > libc4.7.2 fixed it in May.
> Hmm I cant find any libc4.7.2 for FreeBSD, so I'm a confused as to
> which libc you mean.

The Linux libc. Sorry that was a rather confusing answer.I don't know the
state of the BSD fixes.

> First I've heard of libc4.7.2; but given that it was fixed in there in May,
> was anyone else alerted to the presence of a bug so that other OS's could
> be checked?

I don't know. It was only after the 8lgm report that I looked at the Linux
libc log to find a fix logged. The log doesnt give any impression it was
considered a security fix just a routine tidy up.