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Bugtraq archives for 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 1996: Re: Excellent host SYN-attack fix for BSD hosts

Re: Excellent host SYN-attack fix for BSD hosts

Ollivier Robert (ollivier.roberteurocontrol.fr)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:35:40 +0100

According to Avi Freedman:
> contains a few bits for reference into a table of MSS values; window size
> and any initial data is discarded; and the rest of the ISS is the MD5 output

It will also break T/TCP I think. While it is not a big issue at the moment
it may become a real one later. Stevens in his thirs volume describe why
T/TCP is a good thing and it will be seen more and more in the future.

In FreeBSD-current, there is a fix too for the SYN attack. I don't remember
the details of what has been done but the source code is of course

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