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Bugtraq archives for 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) 1997: Re: WARNING: Linux Intel Pentium Bug

Re: WARNING: Linux Intel Pentium Bug

Kurt Seifried (seifriedLEXIE.V-WAVE.COM)
Fri, 7 Nov 1997 11:55:07 -0700

> This Program was distributed in the newsgroups and on irc so i thought i
> would post it here....
>  (prog attached)
> In article <3462ADCD.135Bnoname.com>,  <nonamenoname.com> wrote:
> >       Check this out.  If you execute F0 0F C7 C8 on a P5 it will lock the
> >machine up.  This is true for any operating system including usermode
> >Linux.  It's pretty cool.  Basically, the opcodes are an invalid form of
> >cmpxchg8b eax with a lock prefix.  Has anyone seen this before?  The
> >problem doesn't show itself for the Pentium Pro or Pentium 2.
> Cool.  It also works (sic) from V86 mode, so if you want to play around, just
> use DOS debug under whatever DOS emulator the OS you are using provides.
> Anyone try it on a Pentium MMX?
> --Tim Smith

Ran it on my P166, kaboom, ran it on my new P166MMX, kaboom. I guess that
would be a yes. This is kind of scary, is there any possibility of a
kernel patch that can take care of this?