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Bugtraq Archives: Re: NTmail and VRFY

Re: NTmail and VRFY

Subject: Re: NTmail and VRFY
From: NTMail Support (supportNTMAIL.CO.UK)
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 09:39:56 CST


Many thanks for raising the issue of the VRFY command with NTMail.

I can confirm:

a. That the option in the GUI does not switch the VRFY command on and off.
    And that this has been raised as an Observation Report to be fixed in
    the next release of NTMail.

b. To switch of the VRFY command, select "Support > System Variables" and
    choose the "AllowVRFY" variable from the drop-down. Set this to the
    value 0 and press "Change Value". You will now see the response:
        558 VRFY not allowed.

We welcome comments on any security issues with NTMail. The usual
procedure is to direct issues to supportgordano.com.


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