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Bugtraq Archives: IE 5.01 vulnerabilities in external.NavigateA

IE 5.01 vulnerabilities in external.NavigateAndFind()

Subject: IE 5.01 vulnerabilities in external.NavigateAndFind()
From: Georgi Guninski (joroNAT.BG)
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 07:49:44 CST

IE 5.01 vulnerabilities in external.NavigateAndFind()

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Internet Explorer 5.01 under Windows 95 and 5.0 under WinNT 4.0 (suppose
other versions are also vulnerable)
allows circumventing "Cross frame security policy" by using
This exposes the whole DOM of the target document.
This allows reading local text and HTML files and files from any host
(suppose reading files of any type is possible), getting cookies (that
is dangerous because may get passwords, etc.) and other sensitive
It is also possible in some cases to read files behind firewall.
This vulnerability may be exploited using HTML email message or a
newsgroup posting.


window.external.NavigateAndFind() is used to search for strings in
specified URLs displaying the result in a specified frame.
The problem is it allows searching in "javascript:" URLs in a specified
In this case the code in the "javascript:" URL is executed in the
security context of the target frame
and the code has access to the document loaded in the target frame.
Examine the code below for more information.

The code is:
<IFRAME NAME="I1" SRC="file://c:/test.txt"></IFRAME>
function f()

Disable Active Scripting

Demonstration is available at http://www.nat.bg/~joro/navan.html

Copyright 1999 Georgi Guninski

Georgi Guninski

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