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Bugtraq archives for 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) 1999: NTInfoScan


mnemonix (mnemonixGLOBALNET.CO.UK)
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 19:52:15 -0000

NTInfoScan is a mini security scanner designed specifically for Windows NT.

NTInfoScan ver 4.1 would experience a problem if a scan was run on a Web
Server that required authentication to the root directory.
I have resolved this problem, thanks to Tom Arthur for his help on isolating
the issue, and I've updated the scanner.

More information about NTInfoScan ver 4.1.1 can be found at

For those of you who have already got a copy of NTInfoScan I'd advise
getting the latest version, still onky 64k.

Dabid Litchfield