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Bugtraq archives for 2nd quarter (Apr-Jun) 1999: Procmail version 3.13.1 released

Procmail version 3.13.1 released

Philip Guenther (guentherGAC.EDU)
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 16:56:16 -0500

How apt my previous words...

I have released procmail version 3.13.1, which fixes a few buffer
overflow that I had missed previously and eliminates a keyword conflict
with newer versions of gcc.  These buffer overflows are probably
'slightly more difficult' to exploit as they involve particular
variables instead of variable expansion in general.

My apologies to those who downloaded version 3.13 yesterday.


Debian has been notified and so will probably be releasing an updated
package shortly.  (If other vendors want to be notified of procmail
releases ahead of time they should e-mail me.)

Philip Guenther

Procmail Maintainer