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Subject: UPDATE: Sygate 3.11 Port 7323 Telnet Hole
From: jalertanestworks.com
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 15:37:25 CST

Hi All,

   For those interested, Sybergen has just released the new beta
builds of their SyGate 3.11, Secure Destop and Secure Access
products that fix the Port 7323 Telnet Hole.

   According to them they have closed Internet access to the
remote admin utility at port 7323. They have also added support for
Windows Millenium and Dual-CPU NT servers.

   These builds now work together so upgrading your Sygate 3.11
server will require that you upgrade Secure Access (SyShield) to
the new version.

  Here are the links:

SyGate 3.11 Build 563

Sybergen Access Server Build 558

Sybergen Secure Desktop Build 182

 jeff alerta