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Subject: TESO & C-Skills development advisory -- imwheel
From: Sebastian (krahmerCS.UNI-POTSDAM.DE)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 07:38:47 CST

Hash: SHA1

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TESO Security Advisory

imwheel local root compromise


    A vulnerability within the imwheel application for Linux has been
    discovered. Some of these packages are shipped with an suid-root
    wrapper-script that invokes the insecure program 'imwheel' with UID 0.

Systems Affected

    Any system which has imwheel-solo wrapper-script installed as set-UID root.

    Among the vulnerable distributions (if the package is installed) are the
    following systems:

      Halloween Linux Version 4 - imwheel package from the
                                  powertools/contrib. CD


    [stealthliane stealth]$ id
    uid=500(stealth) gid=500(stealth) groups=500(stealth)
    [stealthliane stealth]$ cd imhack/
    [stealthliane imhack]$ stat `which imwheel-solo`
      File: "/usr/X11R6/bin/imwheel-solo"
      Size: 795 Filetype: Regular File
      Mode: (4755/-rwsr-xr-x) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root)
    Device: 3,1 Inode: 214472 Links: 1
    Access: Mon Mar 13 17:32:22 2000(00000.00:04:38)
    Modify: Mon Nov 1 23:41:15 1999(00132.17:55:45)
    Change: Sun Mar 12 17:49:43 2000(00000.23:47:17)
    [stealthliane imhack]$ cc imexp.c
    [stealthliane imhack]$ ./a.out
    Creating boom-shell...
    Creating shellcode...
    You can also add an offset to the commandline.
    Get the real deal at http://www.cs.uni-potsdam.de/homepages/students/linuxer
    Respect other users privacy!
    Invoking vulnerable program (imwheel-solo)...
    imwheel is not running as a daemon.
    imwheel is not checking/writing a pid file, BE CAREFUL!
    An imwheel may be running already, two or more imwheel processes
    on the same X display, or using gpm -W, will not operate as expected!
    imwheel started (pid=1385)
    Knocking on heavens door...
    sh-2.03# id
    uid=0(root) gid=500(stealth) groups=500(stealth)


    An attacker may gain local root-access to a system where vulnerable imwheel
    package is installed. Even if it should not be possible for him to get a
    root-shell (f.e. due to a non-exec stack-patch) he can use the suid-root
    perlscript to kill arbitrary processes.


    The suid-root perlscript 'imwheel-solo' invokes the 'imwheel' program with
    EUID 0.
    Due to inaccurate bounds-checking an internal stack-located buffer can
    be overflowed by an attacker. The 'imwheel' program doesn't bounds-check
    the string it gets from the HOME environment variable.
    Further the wrapper-script which runs privileged can be fooled into sending
    a SIGTERM signal to arbitrary processes, causing them to die.
    This problem appears because imwheel-solo blindly trusts any PID given by a
    world-writable pid-file.


    The author and the distributor has been informed before.
    A patch is not yet available. Just remove the suid wrapper-script.


    The bug-discovery and the demonstration programs are due to S. Krahmer [1].
    The shell-code is due to Stealth.

    This advisory has been written by S. Krahmer.

Contact Information

    The TESO crew can be reached by mailing to tesocoredump.cx.
    Our web page is at https://teso.scene.at/
    C-Skills developers may be reached through [1].


    [1] S. Krahmer, C-Skills

    [2] TESO
        http://teso.scene.at or https://teso.scene.at/


    This advisory does not claim to be complete or to be usable for any
    purpose. Especially information on the vulnerable systems may be
    inaccurate or wrong. The supplied exploit is not to be used for malicious
    purposes, but for educational purposes only.

    This advisory is free for open distribution in unmodified form.
    Articles that are based on information from this advisory should include
    link [1] and [2].


    We've created a working demonstration program to exploit the vulnerability.

    The exploit is available from

       http://teso.scene.at/ or https://teso.scene.at/


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