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Subject: neat little napster bug
From: Colten Edwards (edwardsBITCHX.DIMENSION6.COM)
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 14:18:37 CST

Seems that napster with it's closed source has a reason to be paranoid.

The client napster.exe has a limit on the length of a line it will accept,
somewhere around 191 chars. However the server will happily pass along
any length you want upto possibly 32767 (unsigned short int). So, if you
send a public msg or a possibly a privmsg to a channel/nick on the server,
with a length longer than 191, it GPF's the client. This works with BETA5
of the client and possibly earlier ones as well. I would ASSUME this could
be developed into something else altogether. Way ta go napster, inc.

                                                Colten Edwards
                                                aka panasyncefnet