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Subject: Webstar 4.0 Buffer overflow vulnerability
From: Ilhom Djalilov (nasvayHOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 09:38:54 CST

Sorry for my poor english ;)
Webstar 4.0 (and earlier, vendor www.starnine.com) is
popular (or not popular -i've never seen MacOS)
Web, Mail and FTP server for MacOS.One day, when i played
with my telnet i found
machine with this httpd.When i made long get request (~1kb)
GET /1111111...111.htmlit simply caused protection fault
(if this kind of error
present in macs :)) and when i tried to connect to port 80
of that machine my telnet said "connection refused".
If anybody knows how to write shellcodes for PowerPC... :))