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Subject: A funny way to DOS pcANYWHERE8.0 and 9.0
From: Frankie Zie (rootCNNS.NET)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 04:35:26 CDT

i found a funny thing about pcANYWHERE.
when we use pcANYWHERE remote control client to connect the
host running pcANYWHERE, at first the statu bar appears
"pcANYWHERE connecting..." ,then the login window will
but if we press "Cancel" before the login window appears,
the pcANYWHERE service will be crashed. We can't connect
the host via pcANYWHERE client any longer.

if host running pcANYWHERE 9.0, We can restore the service
by the following steps:
telnet host 5631
Please press <Enter>...

then press Enter
We can connect pcANYWHERE now :)

if the host running pcANYWHERE 8.0, you must stop the
pcANYWHERE service and restart it:
net stop awhost32
net start awhost32