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Subject: Vuln in calender.pl (Matt Kruse calender script)
From: suidSUID.KG
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 14:59:12 CDT


I wouldnt normally post a small thing like this to bugtraq but i checked out
cgi-resources.com and it seems to be damn popular so someone here may care.

Oh yeah I notified Matt (the vendor) and he figured it wasnt really an issue.

Oh well.

Visit www.suid.kg/advisories/ for more crap like this.



suidsuid.kg - Matt Kruse Calendar Script Vulnerability

Software: Matt Kruse Calendar Script
URL: http://www.mattkruse.com/scripts/calendar/
Version: Version 2.2 and below?
Platforms: UNIX / Windows NT
Type: Input Validation Failure
Lame Factor: Damn High


        Remote users can execute arbitrary commands on the web
        server with the priviledge level of the httpd process.


        Both the calender.pl and the calendar_admin.pl scripts fail to
        perform proper input validation. The calender_admin.pl script
        for example prompts the user for a configuration file to modify.
        Then in an attempt to authenticate the user to verify they have
        access to modify the specified configuration file, it passes
        the user input straight to perl open(). *yoink*(tm)


        calender_admin.pl - easiest

        Assuming http://www.ownable.domain/ has calender.pl at:


        The admin script by default is at:


        Going to that URL will result in a username/password/configuration file
        input fields. Ignoring username and password, enter:

                |<command here>|

        (With the pipes) in the configuration file field.




        I notice that calender.pl does not sanitise input either and is
        vulnerable to an open attack but am not interested enough to write
        about it.



        duke - WHAT THE HELL!?>!
        yowie !