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Subject: ACC/Ericsson Tigris Accounting Failure
From: John Edwards (isplistPINNACLE.NET.AU)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 20:32:47 CDT

The Tigris is a high-density router/remote-access platform, currently a
product of Ericsson, more information on it can be found at:


There appears to be a bug in the Tigris operating system software that
causes Radius accounting to fail under certain login conditions. This
allows a user to log on to the system as normal, but Radius accounting
data is not sent for either Stop or Start records, so no call is logged.
No alarms are triggered, and the problem occurs even when multiple
accounting servers are configured for an access partition.

Those who bill their customers based on Radius Accounting data may be
affected. It will also mean that logs will not contain IP address
information for a user, or may not have a record of the user's access at

This occurs when a user dials the Tigris and fails authentication. Part
of the PPP Authentication routine allows a user to retry their login
without needing to redial a connection if their PPP software supports it
(this is implemented in Windows 98). After a user fails their login then
retries and successfully connects, the Tigris may not send Accounting
data for that user.

The problem appears to be fixed now, in the recent software
release. I have not seen an official notice from vendors or Ericsson
warning of this bug, nor any other bugs with the platform.

John Edwards