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Subject: sawmill5.0.21 old path bug & weak hash algorithm
From: Cashdollar, Larry (lwcVAPID.DHS.ORG)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 19:11:54 CDT

        Greetings, I did not see this in the archives so I figured I
would forward it on.

Vendor: Notified.
Link: http://www.flowerfire.com/sawmill

SawMill is a site log statistics package for UNIX, Windows and MacOS. I
have been evaluating it under Linux.

In my test configuration I have sawmill listening on port 8987 of my
webserver. I noticed two things.


1) You can get sawmill to read you the first line of any (if run as
nobody) world readable files without needing to authenticate first.

The following will print the first line of /etc/passwd:,1,21,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1+3

You can imagine how much more fun this would be if it was launched as
root. Which it should not and does not need to be.

more danger.

2) The password is stored with a weak hash algorithm and can be decrypted
using the attached C program. This is dangerous because the previous
security hole will allow you to read the first line of the
 sawmill/SawmillInfo/SawmillPassword decrypt the password and access the
site statistics, reconfigure sawmill. Along with the ability to browse
the remote machines drive contents. If this is being run as root then
the attacker can specify root readonly files as log files and read most if
not all of their contents.

file info: sawmill5.0.21trial_x86_linux.tar.gz

I have notified the vendor and they were very responsive and are currently
working on a fix.

-- Larry Cashdollar