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Subject: Oracle Web Listener for AIX DoS
From: Peter Grundl (prgN-M.COM)
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 05:10:24 CDT

Oracle Web Listener for AIX DoS

Advisory Code: VIGILANTE-2000002

Release Date:
July 4, 2000

Systems Affected:
Oracle_Web_Listener/ for AIX
Oracle_Web_Listener/ for AIX
Possibly other operating systems as well, this has not been tested.

Systems not Affected:
Oracle_Web_Listener/ for Windows NT
Oracle_Web_Listener/ for Windows NT
Oracle_Web_Listener/ for Windows NT
Oracle_Web_Listener/ for Sun

By issuing a malformed URL (variations on "..") it is possible to cause a
Denial of Service situation where the Oracle_Web_Listener will no longer
accept HTTP requests and the service needs to be restarted.

Vendor Status:
Vendor was contacted through e-mail (3 times) and direct phone calls (5
times) from the end of May until today. However, we were told that without a
support contract this incident would receive low priority. We were offered
to purchase a support contract so we could report the vulnerability
correctly. We do not use any Oracle products and fail to grasp why we should
purchase a support contact in order to help Oracle.

Older versions are no longer supported since 1st of June 2000, which means will never be fixed. The vulnerability still exist in,
and is unlikely to have been adressed in

Vendor URL: http://www.oracle.com
Program URL: http://www.oracle.com/appserver/

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