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Subject: BitchX update
From: Vincent Danen (vdanenMANDRAKESOFT.COM)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 21:05:53 CDT


    Linux-Mandrake Security Update Advisory.

Date: July 7th, 2000

Package name: BitchX

Affected versions: 6.1, 7.0, 7.1

Problem: A denial of service vulnerability exists in BitchX. Improper
handling of incoming invitation messages can crash the client. Any
user on IRC can send the client an invitation message that causes BitchX
to segfault.

Please upgrade to:

md5sum: 5e34661e39b67283600ba138694730c5
md5sum: d4876a7dc0b40226b8abbd80e01988a6
md5sum: 4f28b30cb2bfd09cec05e0bf2af2da99
md5sum: d4876a7dc0b40226b8abbd80e01988a6
md5sum: f6297ab3e697cfa24762565a26ff6544
md5sum: d4876a7dc0b40226b8abbd80e01988a6

To upgrade automatically, use MandrakeUpdate . If you want to upgrade
manually, download the updated package from one of our FTP server mirrors
and uprade with "rpm -Uvh package_name". All mirrors are listed on
http://www.mandrake.com/en/ftp.php3. Updated packages are available in the
"updates/" directory.

For example, if you are looking for an updated RPM package for Mandrake 7.1,
look for it in: updates/7.1/RPMS/

- We give the md5 sum for each package. It lets you check the integrity of
  the downloaded package by running the md5sum command on the package
  ("md5sum package.rpm").
- You generally do not need to download the source package with a .src.rpm
- All the updated packages are listed on the website on
- To subscribe/unsubscribe from the "security-announce" list and
  subscribe/unsubscribe from the "security-discuss" list see: