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Subject: Akopia MiniVend Piped Command Execution Vulnerability
From: Alfred Huger (ahSECURITYFOCUS.COM)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 16:19:43 CDT

MiniVend version 4.04 and earlier come with a sample storefront which
contains a vulnerable piece of code. There are two related issues which
together allow for execution of commands with the privileges of the web
server. First, the file VIEW_PAGE.HTML does not parse input to check
for a pipe as part of an input filename. Second, UTIL.PM uses the perl
OPEN function in an insecure manner to check for the existence of the
file, allowing piped commands to be executed.

Deleting VIEW_PAGE.HTML is an adequate workaround for this

Discovered by Alexander Lazic as part of the OpenHack.com Hacking
Challenge, and discussed in an article written July 10, 2000 for ZDNet


Bugtraq ID:


Alfred Huger
VP of Engineering