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Subject: Jakarta-tomcat.../admin
From: Scott Morris (smorrisGRIDNET.COM)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 08:47:00 CDT


Jakarta Tomcat contains a security bug that can compromise UNIX servers
running Tomcat as root.
Tomcat can be used together with the Apache web server or a stand alone
server for Java Servlets as well as Java Servlet Pages.


The defaullt intall of Tomcat contains a mounted contest ( /admin ) that
contains servlets that can be used to add, delete, or view context
information about the Tomcat Server. Under UNIX, the root directory can bee
added as a context, and if the server is running as root, all files on the
system can be viewed over the web.

Possible Solution:

1) Do not run the Tomcat server as root
2) Restrict access to the /admin context or remove it completely.

Scott Morris
UNIX Admin
Gridnet International
Key Fingerprint: 814E 7771 6EA9 6C94 B1C9 09C6 D86E 755E A0A9 1B67