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Subject: sperl 5.00503 (and newer ;) exploit
From: Michal Zalewski (lcamtufDIONE.IDS.PL)
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 11:39:22 CDT

Not much to say (except I feel little bit stupid posting it) ... This
exploit gives instant root, at least on RedHat 6.x/7.0 Linux boxes I have
available for tests... And for sure, all other systems are vulnerable as
well - it's just maybe this code will need some refining / tuning /
minor changes...

Below you'll find brief description of vulnerability and exploit itself,
written by me. Please note - I didn't developed everything by myself, I
get great support from Sebastian Krahmer - see development history. I
still pray he won't get angry on me (probably he will) - but he should be
listed at first any time you're talking about this vulnerablity (he made
me think with his findings :P).

I don't know who should be blamed - perl vendors? /bin/mail vendors for
putting undocumented (at least on manpage) features? Hmm... I guess it's
nobody's fault ;)

Requires: +s perl; bash, gcc, make, usleep (yup, usleep; it's not
available on every system, but I have no time to rewrite everything in C;
you can grab this code from RedHat distro or so) will be good... Don't
mail me if you can't use it - it works.

And now, some reading.

# Wonderful, lovely, world-smashing, exciting perl exploit. It works against
# +s suidperl, exploiting undocumented /bin/mail feature when perl wants to
# notify root on inode race conditions. Currently, tested under RH Linux.
# What's probably most shocking, buggy code has following comment inside:
# /* heh, heh */. I guess author wasn't laughning last.
# Development history of this exploit is really funny. I found this condition
# about 4 months ago, but thought it's useless (who wants to notify root?).
# I deleted my test code and didn't left any notes on it. Then, month after
# this discovery, Sebastian contacted me. He was working on perl exploit.
# He told me he don't know how to cause this condition to happen, but if only
# he realise how it can be done, he'll be able to use undocumented /bin/mail
# feature - environmental variable 'interactive', which, if set, causes
# /bin/mail to interpret ~! commands (subshell requests) even if stdin is not
# on terminal. And then I understood what I've done. I spent next month
# (yes! no kidding!) trying to recall WHAT THE FSCK was the condition. I
# remembered it was trivial, even annoying... And finally, now I'm able to
# reconstruct it.
# This exploit tries to fit in rather short, but reasonable time window in
# order to exploit bug. I tested it on fast, not overloaded Linux box, and
# I guess on slow machines it needs tunning. It needs anything setuid
# (/usr/bin/passwd is just fine), writable working directory and something
# around 4 minutes. Working directory should be mounted without noexec or
# nosuid options (if so, find something like /var/lib/svgalib etc).
# WARNING: On slow machines, it's quite possible this exploit will cause
# heavy load. Please test it when system is not overloaded and not used
# (eg. at night).
# I'd like to thank Sebastian Krahmer for his help (in fact, HE discovered it
# - I think I can say it without shame), and especially thank to several of
# my braincells that survived monitor radiation and made me recall this
# race condition.
# Send comments, ideas and flames to <lcamtufids.pl>
# Tested with sperl 5.00503, but should work with any other as well.
# Good luck and don't abuse it.

Michal Zalewski [lcamtuftpi.pl] [tp.internet/security]
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