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Subject: FlagShip v4.48.7449 premission vulnerability
From: Narrow (nssPRIVACYX.COM)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 11:53:27 CDT


Content-Type: premission/vulnerability
Date : 09/08/2000 16:05
Sender : Narrow <nssprivacyx.com>
Subject : FlagShip v4.48.7449 premission vulnerability
X-System : Red Hat 6.0
X-Status : Narrow-ADV-#08

   FlagShip is a cross-platform database development system, fully
compatible to Clipper, handles also other xBase dialects. FlagShip
is shipped with Red Hat linux 6.0 Application CD.

   Several binary files are world writeable. Anyone could replace
them with a trojan and trick someone to execute the trojaned binary

The binary files:

   Change the premission of the binary files to 755.

Narrow - nssprivacyx.com - http://www.zone.ee/unix/

bash# ./win.com Segmental fault