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Subject: Sambar Server search CGI vulnerability
From: Guido Bakker (guidobMAINNET.NL)
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 01:37:42 CDT

Vulnerable: Sambar Server 4.4 Beta 3
Systems : WinNT, Win95 OSR2, (possibly Linux affected)
Product : http://www.sambar.com
Discovery : dethysynnergy.net


The Sambar Server comes with a non-caching HTTP proxy server and basic SMTP,
POP3, and IMAP4 proxy servers compiled in.
Sambar was created to test a three-tier communication infrastructure modeled
after the Sybase Open Client/Open Server. Originally developed on a Sun
Workstation (UNIX), it was ported to the PC (Windows 32) and licensed for
commercial purposes.


The vulnerability occurs in the search.dll Sambar ISAPI Search shipped with
this product. This dynamic link loader does not check on the 'query' parameter
that is parsed to the server, therefore by constructing a malformed URL
we are able to view the contents of the server, all folders, and files.

Thanks also to USSR Labs (www.ussrback.com) for further testing.


All that is needed is a malformed query parameter parsed to the search.dll


.. this will reveal the current working directory contents.


.. this will reveal the root dir of the server.


The vendor [ todsambar.com ] of Sambar Technologies has been contacted, so
wait until a
patched version comes out.


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