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Subject: Re: Cisco PIX Firewall (smtp content filtering hack) - Version 4.2(1) not exploitable
From: Leandro Dardini (ldardiniUSL4.TOSCANA.IT)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 02:49:03 CDT

I test my (old) pix box running 4.2(1) and it is not exploitable.
When I try to not complete my smtp session, issuing a "data" command before
rcpt, I receive a
503 Need RCPT (recipient)
I test other permutation of helo, mail, rcpt, data command but all fails.


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From: naif <naifINET.IT>
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 6:27 PM
Subject: Cisco PIX Firewall (smtp content filtering hack)

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> How to escape "fixup smtp" of Cisco Pix Firewall:
> The Cisco Pix Firewall normally restrict some protocol
command(http,ftp,smtp) and manage
> multisession protocol(h323, ftp,sqlnet) .
> I made some test on a BSDI3.0 running sendmail9 placed in the dmz .
> The Pix version it's the latest, 5.2(1)... here the output of "show ver"
> =====================================================
> Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Version 5.2(1)