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Subject: Extent RBS directory Transversal.
From: anon anon (obscureCYBERGOTH.I-P.COM)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 20:40:22 CDT

Advisory Title: Extent RBS directory Transversal.

Release Date: 09/21/2000

Application: Extent RBS

Platform: Windows NT4
Windows 2000
RedHat Linux 6.x
Sun Solaris 2.6+

Version: 2.63. Possibly older versions as well. (have also tested 2.5 and found it vulnerable)

Severity: Any user can get any file on the server.

Author: Obscure^ [obscurecybergoth.i-p.com]

Vendor Status: Vendor was first contacted and informed [Thursday, September 14, 2000 3:27 PM] and has confirmed of issueing a patch for WinNT and Linux. Will issue patch for Sun 21.9.2k.

Web: http://irc.m0ss.com/eos/advisories/extentrbs.htm


<From http://www.extent.com/solutions/prod_rbsisp.shtml>

Extent RBS ISP is a full OSS package which combines RADIUS, user management, Web signup, billing, invoicing and other valuable features that let you grow your IP service provider business.


This vulnerability was discovered by me.
Extent RBS allows users to register a new subscription via Credit Card through their web browser. The problem is that the web server does not check for directory transversal when reading image files. Thus any file available on the same partition (in WinNT or any file on the *NIX system) which Extent RBS has permissions to read, can be read by a malicious user. This includes retrieving credit card details, usernames and passwords and more, which are stored in "%HOMEDRIVE%\Program Files\<program directory>\database\rbsserv.mdb".
The URL relative to this file would be:

Typical Scenario.

The malicious user (attacker/hacker/whatever) would just connect to port 8002 of the Extent RBS ISP which allows anonymous access, and retrieve any file on the system like Credit Card Numbers, usernames and passwords which are stored in RBSserv.mdb, by passing the URL template included below. This assumes that NTFS permissions are left in their default state.
URL template:
http:// address>:8002/NewUser?image=<location of file to retrieve relative to the webroot directory>

Note: I have only tested in WinNT version of Extent RBS.

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