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Subject: Eudora + riched20.dll affects WinZip v8.0 as well
From: Stan Bubrouski (secnetCROSSWINDS.NET)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 17:41:20 CDT

This is kind of interesting. When I clicked on the kvt-formatbug.diff.gz fix from
the kvt thread and WinZip opened I right-clicked on the file inside the gz file
and selected "View with internal viewer" and wouldn't you know the message
Fake RICHED20.DLL loaded popped up. So apparently WinZip's internal viewer
uses RICHED20.DLL as well and by default loads the one in the current directory
first or something. Same bad behaviour as word except user must open a zip
file or gz file (tar.gz and tgz files do not work because the file is within a file within
the zipfile and it has actually already changed to the default temp directory before
the tar file is opened) and select View with internal viewer. I tried this with WinZip v8.0

-Stan Bubrouski