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Subject: Update to DST2K0039: Webteachers Webdata: Importing files lower t han web root possible in to database
From: Security Team (SecurityTeamDELPHISPLC.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 02:20:38 CDT


We are happy to announce a vendor patch to our previous Advisory DST2K0039.

Delphis Advisory ID:

Vendor Patch URL:
http://webteacher.com/webdata/ (click download)

Vendor Comments:
A new version of Webdata has been released. The security problem is
addressed in
the new version in the following manner.

Only the admin can use the "filename" method of importing. Members must use
file upload method. The "enter the path to the file" box does not appear on
import screen when the userid is not "admin". The program also checks the
during the actual importing, so a hacker could not simply type the
querystring for a
file import into the location box.

Delphis have not validated this patch so no warranties implied or otherwise.


Security Team
Delphis Consulting Plc

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