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Subject: Anaconda Advisory
From: pestilence (pestilenceSYNNERGY.NET)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 17:27:24 CDT

Since this is a commercial program and i haven't received any ack, or
info from the vendors i shall publish the advisory.

Kostas Petrakis aka Pestilence

        Synnergy Laboratories Advisory SLA-2000-17


       Anaconda Foundation Directory NULL byte vulnerability


        Linux/UNIX with Anaconda Foundation Directory


 Synnergy Labs has found a flaw within Anaconda Foundation Directory that allows a user to
 successfully traverse the filesystem on a remote host, allowing arbitary files/folders to
 be read.


 The Anaconda Foundation Directory is a Yahoo style search engine based on the Open Directory
 project, www.dmoz.org. The Anaconda Foundation Directory allows you to dynamically integrate content into
 your site's own look and feel. This is the exact same content that Lycos features on their
 front page! Product pricing is $499 US.

 Anaconda Foundation Directory can be found at:http://anacondapartners.com/ap_afodpdemo.shtml

 Synnergy has recently discovered a flaw within Anaconda Foundation Directory that allows a remote
 user to traverse the filesystem as a request to the script using the $template=_some_file_. It is
 then possible to read any file contents with priviledges as the httpd.
 Although the script checks for the file extension (.htm, .html, .shtml, .stm) adding a trailing
 %00.html, (a NULL byte in URL encoded format), at the end of the request will force the script to
 open the file.



 The above line if given will output the file contents of /etc/resolv.conf.


  The vendors have been informed of the bug. It is advised to wait for the next patched version of
  Anaconda Foundation Directory to be released.


        Discovery: pestilence synnergy.net


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        effects of these programs or advisories, nor the content contained
        within. Use them at your own risk.


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