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Subject: Pegasus Mail file reading vulnerability
From: Richard Stevenson (richard.stevensonTEAM.XTRA.CO.NZ)
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 15:29:04 CST


David Harris, the author of Pegasus Mail, has released a utility called
WSendTo that protects against the file reading vulnerability discussed on
BugTraq a few weeks ago. From <http://www.pmail.com/newsflash.htm>:

WSendTo is a Pegasus Mail add-on utility that improves the integration
between Microsoft Internet Explorer and Pegasus Mail. It also adds Pegasus
Mail as an option on the Windows Explorer "Send To" menu and protects
against a potential security hole discovered recently by a member of the
BugTraq forum. WSendTo requires Windows 95OSR2 or later or Windows NT4.0
or later, and works with either the 16- or 32-bit versions of Pegasus

WSendTo can be downloaded from <http://www.pmail.com>.



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