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Subject: [CORE SDI ADVISORY] RealServer memory contents disclosure
From: Iván Arce (core.lists.bugtraqCORE-SDI.COM)
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 17:24:10 CST

                                              CORE SDI

            Report for RealServer memory contents disclosure vulnerability

Date Published: November 16th, 2000

Advisory ID: CORE-20001116

Bugtraq ID: 1957

CVE CAN: None currently assigned.

Title: RealServer memory contents disclosure vulnerability

Class: Failure to handle exceptional conditions

Remotely Exploitable: Yes

Locally Exploitable: Yes


Vulnerability Description:

  A memory contents disclosure vulnerability was found on RealNetworks
  RealServer which will give out information about the server configuration,
  runtime memory data and tokens and authentication credentials.
  This information allows an external attacker to possibly obtain
  administrative access to the server or to data belonging to other user

Vulnerable Packages/Systems:

  Real Networks Real Server version 7 and below, all supported platforms

Solution/Vendor Information/Workaround:

  A description of the problem and an updated version of
  Real Server with a fix for the problem is available at:


Vendor notified on: October 17th, 2000


  This vulnerability was found by Gerardo Richarte and Claudio Castiglia
  from Core SDI S.A.

  CORE SDI would like to thank RealNetworks Inc. for their prompt
  response to the problem.

  This advisory was drafted with the help of the SecurityFocus.com
  Vulnerability Help Team. For more information or assistance drafting
  advisories please mail vulnhelpsecurityfocus.com.

  Other CORE SDI advisories can be found at


Technical Description - Exploit/Concept Code:

  Issuing a request to a RealServer with the following URI:

  http://targetserver/admin/includes/ (note the ending '/' slash)

  A response will be ellicited containing random pieces of
  the server's runtime memory. This generally consists of
  data from previous sessions and contains information that
  could be used to obtain unauthorized access to the RealServer
  administration facilities (cookies sent to other clients,
  BASE64 encoded usernames and passwords, the random port number
  where the administration server listens, etc.)

  The contents of this advisory are copyright (c) 2000 CORE SDI S.A.
  and may be distributed freely provided that no fee is charged for this
  distribution and proper credit is given.

$Id: RealServer-advisory.txt,v 1.9 2000/11/16 20:44:25 iarce Exp $


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