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Subject: 602Pro Lan Suite Web Admin Overflow
From: SNS Research (vuln-devGREYHACK.COM)
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 13:22:05 CST

Strumpf Noir Society Advisories
! Public release !

-= 602Pro Lan Suite Web Administration Overflow =-

Release date: Wednesday, November 22, 2000


Lan Suite is an cost-effective all-in-one application providing connection sharing, email and fax services for networks. It offers remote administration capabilities through an integrated HTTP-server.

602Pro Lan Suite can be found at vendor Software602's website, http://www.software602.com


The remote administration component (webprox.dll) of this application is subject to a buffer overflow attack through a lengthy GET command. If this request contains 1059 bytes or more it will overflow a buffer and allow the execution of arbitrary code.



Vendor was contacted and has verified the problem. A new build (2000.0.1.33) has been released through Software602's website. 602Pro Lan Suite 2000a build 2000.0.1.32 and earlier versions can be expected to be vulnerable. Users are encouraged to obtain the new version asap.


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compliant, all information is provided on AS IS basis.

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