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Subject: McAfee WebShield SMTP vulnerabilities
From: jari.heleniusMAWARON.COM
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 05:38:51 CST

McAfee WebShield SMTP v4.5 have at least two
vulnerabilities. One with content filter and other
with smtp recepient field (DoS). Network
Associates has been informed 7.11.2000 (cont filt)
and 17.11.2000 (recepient field). Vulnerability
occures at least NT4sp5 and sp6 installations.

Mailformed SMTP recepient field.
If recepient field is mailformed (ie in recepient
field is
and%20address") WebShield will crash with access
violation error. Restarting service results
immediate crash. This produses DoS and leaves
posibility of buffer overflow.

Content filter let mail pass against filter rules.
Content filter has been set up to stop messages
with attachments that have ".exe" in attachment
name. If attachment name includes special
characters like (euro sign) or scandinavian
characters like , or ) (name like
badname.exe) content filter won't stop message
but let's it throug.

Such attachments are still checked against known
viruses and mail that contains known virus will be

Jari Helenius