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From: Security Alerts (secalert_usORACLE.COM)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 15:21:52 CST

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    Patch for Potential Security Vulnerability in Oracle Connection Manager

    A potential security vulnerability has been discovered in Oracle
    Connection Manager Control (CMCTL). This vulnerability can force a
    buffer overflow in CMCTL which can be exploited to gain elevated
    operating system privilege sets of EGID DBA and EUID ORACLE by an
    ordinary user supplying command-line arguments to CMCTL. This
    vulnerability is only possible if SETGID and SETUID bits, respectively,
    are set on the CMCTL executable.

    Oracle has fixed this vulnerability in patchsets for Oracle8i, Releases
    8.1.6 and 8.1.5, and Oracle8, Releases 8.0.5, 8.0.4 and 8.0.3. The
    patchsets are available on Oracle's Support Services site, Metalink,
    http://metalink.oracle.com. All other production releases of the Oracle
    database server contain this security patch by default.

    Oracle wishes to thank Juan Manuel Pascual Escriba for discovering this
    security vulnerability and promptly bringing it to Oracle's attention.