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From: Security Research Team (securityRELAYGROUP.COM)
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 07:20:10 CST

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          S.A.F.E.R. Security Bulletin 010125.EXP.1.12

    TITLE : PlanetIntra - Buffer Overflow
    DATE : January 25, 2001
    NATURE : Remote execution of code
    AFFECTED : PlanetIntra v2.5 software


    A buffer overflow exists in PlanetIntra software that allows remote execution of code.


    A buffer overflow (at least one, possibly more) exists in 'pi' binary which allows remote user to execute commands on the target system.

    For example, request like:

    GET /cgi-bin/pi?page=document/show_file&id=<A x 10024>

    will trigger the overflow.


    Exploit will be released in 2 weeks (this is subject to change).


    We are aware that patch for this issue has been made, but we have never received official response/confirmation, and we are not aware if the current version available for download ( http://www.planetintra.com ) is vulnerable to this problem.


    Fyodor Yarochkin <fyodorrelaygroup.com>

    This advisory is also available at http://www.safermag.com/advisories/


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