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From: Ichinose Sayo (ichinoseLAC.CO.JP)
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 04:37:36 CST

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    Hi folks,

    I found a security hole in the feature of virus scan for e-mail in
    Virus Buster 2001 from Trend Micro Inc.

    Virus Buster 2001 is a japanese software package that has similar
    functions of PC-cillin 2000 such as eMail Virus Scanning and Browser

    The feature of virus scan for e-mail in this software, called "eMail
    Virus Scanning" on PC-cillin, is used not to receive e-mail including
    virus by scanning every e-mail whenever MUA (Mail User Agent) imports
    e-mail by using POP3 protocol.

    The function is running as a proxy between MUA and MRA (Mail Retrieval
    Agent) as well.

    Problem Description

    The buffer overflow occurs when MUA received email with the header
    defined in RFC 822 including unusually long strings.
    As a result, the user of this software is not able to receive any
    e-mail(s) more.
    A restart of the computer is required in order to gain normal

    Example of Issue:
    From: ichinoselac.co.jp
    To: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(about 16,000 charactors)aaaaaaaaa
    Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:07:23 +0900
    Subject: TEST
    I've seen at all.

    Tested Version of Virus Buster
    Virus Buster 2001 (Japanese)
    Program Version 8.00

    Tested on
    Windows 2000 Professional(Japanese)

    Status of fixes

    This problem does not affect Program Version 8.01.
    You can update to Program Version 8.01 by using the feature of
    automatically updating software called intelligent update.
    If you use a trial version of Virus Buster 2001 installed from supplement
    to a magazine or CD-ROM, it strongly recommended to confirm the Program
    Version and you should purchase the license and update it if it is
    vulnerably version.
    Also, if you have not done user registration and used original one, you
    must be registered as a customer and update your software with
    intelligent update(feature to update software automatically).

    Required conditions for updating are:
    1) using product version as registered user.
    2) Updating the software with intelligent update.
       (License key is necessary to do this.)

    Vendor Information

    Trend Micro Inc.: http://www.trendmicro.com/
    Trend Micro Inc.(Japan): http://www.trendmicro.co.jp/

    Sayo Ichinose<ichinoselac.co.jp>
    Computer Security Laboratory
    LAC Co.,Ltd.
    PHONE  +81-3-5531-0358  FAX  +81-3-5531-0142