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Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 15:46:06 CST

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    Vulnerability in Soft Lite ServerWorx


    Soft Lite ServerWorx v3.00 is a web server available from
    http://www.zdnet.com and http://www.softlite.net. A vulnerability exists
    which allows a remote user to break out of the web root using relative
    paths (ie: '..', '...').


            http://localhost/../[file outside web root]
            http://localhost/.../[file outside web root]


    > From: "SoftLite Tech Support" <supportsoftlite.net>
    > Reply-to: "SoftLite Tech Support" <supportsoftlite.net>
    > To: <joetestahushmail.com>
    > Hi,
    > Are you running ServerWorx 5.0?
    > If you try using this instead, you will see that any attempt to access
    > a file outside the root of the web will show an "access denied"
    > message.
    > We have now dropped support for ServerWorx 3, and suggest to all our
    > users to move to the new version.
    > Many thanks for the report anyway,
    > Alexander Holcombe.

        It should be noted that I have not been able to obtain version
    5.0, and thus, I urge users to proceed with caution.

        Vendor Status

    SoftLite International was contacted via <serverworxsoftlite.net> on
    Sunday, January 28, 2001.

          - Joe Testa ( e-mail: joetestahushmail.com / AIM: LordSpankatron

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