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From: Oracle Security Alerts (secalert_usORACLE.COM)
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 16:08:31 CST

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    Patch for Potential Vulnerability in the execution of JSPs outside

    Description of the problem
    A potential security vulnerability has been discovered in Oracle JSP
    releases 1.0.x through 1.1.1 (in Apache/Jserv). This vulnerability
    permits access to and execution of unintended JSP files outside the
    doc_root in Apache/Jserv. For example, accessing
    http://HOST/a.jsp//..//..//..//..//..//../b.jsp will execute b.jsp
    outside the doc_root instead of a.jsp if there is a b.jsp file in the
    matching directory.

    Products Affected
    Oracle8i Release 8.1.7, iAS Release 1.0.2
    Oracle JSP, Apache/JServ Releases 1.0.x - 1.1.1

    Platforms Affected
    Windows NT

    Likelihood of Occurrence
    Whenever //.. is present in the URI while using Apache/JServ.

    Upgrade to OJSP Release which is available on Oracle
    Technology Network's OJSP web site.

    Oracle Corporation wishes to thank Georgi Guninski for discovering this
    vulnerability and promptly bringing it to Oracle's attention.