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From: Caleb David (avatarVERY.STRANGE.COM)
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 02:49:43 CST

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    I looked through the archives back to November 2000 and didn't see
    this mentioned. Apologies if it's there and I missed it.

    Sunsolve has bugid 4384816 on file regarding this issue. It's been
    known since 06-Nov-2000 with a status of 'Evaluated' but no workaround
    or other information, helpful or otherwise, posted as yet.

    The problem is that if you use this module for authentication, as
    configured in pam.conf per the pam_ldap manpage (for example),
    entering a NULL password is a quick way to get a login shell prompt.
    That is, entering a NULL password is technically equivalent to
    entering the correct password as far as this module is concerned.
    Providing an incorrect password (other than NULL, of course) or a
    valid password results in proper behavior.

    Using the pam_ldap module compiled from source code available at
    http://www.padl.com appears to work correctly though I've only had
    time to test against the problem described above.


    Caleb David