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From: Hannah Schröter (hannahSCHLUND.DE)
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 14:11:45 CST

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    On 02/16, Theo de Raadt wrote:
    > [... USER_LDT ...]

    > > * OpenBSD has the same bug, in code inherited directly from NetBSD.

    > This last sentence is incorrect.

    > OpenBSD does not have the needed option to enable this configured in
    > any kernel or kernel configuration file we supply; the option is so
    > poorly documented that noone would compile a kernel with it; no
    > userland or kernel software that we know of at present requires it;
    > and thus we are hardpressed to think of a user who might use it.

    hannahc3po:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf $ grep '^[^#].*USER_LDT' *
    DISKLESS:option USER_LDT # user-settable LDT; used by WINE
    ELBERETH:option USER_LDT # user-settable LDT; used by WINE
    HERMES:option USER_LDT # user-settable LDT; used by WINE
    NETTAN:option USER_LDT # user-settable LDT; used by WINE
    OPRAH:option USER_LDT # user-settable LDT; used by WINE
    PETRA:option USER_LDT # user-settable LDT; used by WINE

    That's from 15 Jan 2001, i.e. after 2.8 release. Now let's check
    really current CVS:
    DISKLESS 1.28 still has it
    ELBERETH 1.23 still has it
    HERMES 1.21 still has it
    LUCIFER 1.24 still has it
    NETTAN 1.40 still has it
    OPRAH 1.25 still has it
    PETRA 1.24 also still has it

    Of course, in GENERIC (1.240), there's the line:
    #option USER_LDT # user-settable LDT; used by WINE

    The comment doesn't indicate that there might be a bug. Also,
    OpenBSD ships a port for WINE (/usr/ports/emulators/wine). The
    description says the user must enable USER_LDT for WINE to work
    and doesn't advise about any bug.

    > This bug is `disabled'. (We disabled this feature a very very long
    > time ago because ... well, nevermind, you've heard it before.)

    > The problem was fixed at the same time as NetBSD fixed it; we even
    > told them why it didn't apply to OpenBSD users, and are surprised that
    > was left out of the advisory. Oh well.

    Where do you know from that there is no OpenBSD user using 2.8 stable
    and using the Wine port?

    > Anyways, it is fixed, and will affect noone. We don't think we're
    > going to put an advisory up for it.

    Where should said OpenBSD-2.8-stable-user (or release + official errata)
    get a fix from?

    Kind regards,


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